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Identifying Poisonous Plants In The Woods

Identifying Poisonous Plants In The Woods

The story goes that when my aunt and uncle were kids, they got into an argument over whether or not a certain plant that they had stumbled upon in the woods was poison ivy or not. My aunt was so convinced that she was right and that it was not poison ivy that she...

How To Waterproof Matches

How To Waterproof Matches

Making waterproof matches is a quick and easy do it yourself project that will help ensure you can build that all important fire when you need one. The ability to build a fire is one of the most important skills you can master as it relates to surviving in an...

My City is Manlier Than Yours!

My City is Manlier Than Yours!

COMBOS brand snack foods released their 4th annual “America’s Manliest Cities” list last week and I’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling pretty manly. Not only did my fair city (Birmingham) rank #5 on this year’s list, upon closer examination I discovered that I also know...

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